About us

Gravis Engineering is a mechanical and structural engineering company that serves clients in the energy, automotive, process and manufacturing industries. We specialize in performance of computer-aided engineering analyses, modeling, simulation, and technical consulting support during Product Development.


Our Philosophy

Our philosophy can be divided into three core principles, which are the foundation of our Firm: High Quality – Performance – Support  


Consistent high quality work product is a required hallmark for the services we provide to our clients. We answer our clients’ demand for practical guidance by offering workable solutions and realistic alternatives based on our experience, understanding of project goals as well as our knowledge and skills in modern analysis techniques.


We arrange for a flexible organizational structure, based on a modern technologies as well as a pleasant social environment, where best performance is generated. In cooperation with engineering partner companies the hardware, software and human resources can be adjusted within a short time to maintain the load and time critical tasks. The flexibility of our management allows us to meet our clients’ targets efficiently and in a timely manner under time-sensitive deadlines.


This philosophy requires superior knowledge of the modern engineering techniques and a deep understanding of the scientific and functional project background, but it also encourages an engagement, proactive, creative problem solving and the highest levels of client service.




Our expertise and skill-base comes from more than 15 years of engineering work experience in different industries and technical fields. The lion’s share of our project work has been performed in direct support of design development and problem resolution for major components of state-of-the-art industrial gas turbines used for large scale electrical power generation. We have planned and executed more than 300 analysis projects during the last 10 years. Analyses for the automotive sector as well as construction machines and equipment have been a smaller but also challenging part of our engineering work portfolio.


International work experience


The future of project management involves an ever increasing number of projects that require the cooperation of geographically and culturally diverse teams. International projects are more complex because geographical, cultural and social differences must be taken into account. With many years’ experience working on global product development we have successfully advised, supported and represented our clients across a variety of projects. We have project experience of many international projects with different countries: USA, China, India and Russia. Due to our multi-language profile we are able to communicate in many countries in their own language.