Industrial Gas Turbne: Intermediate Casing

  • Concept Phase: comparative Analyses for multiple Concepts (Thermal-mechanical FEA, LCF, Integrity, bBearing Housing Temperature..)
  • Preparation of Review-Documentation for the Concept Release
  • Design Phase Assessments: LCF, Bolted Joints, Leakage, Centering (Clearance Impact)
  • Blade Failure elastic-plastic Assessment acc. to DIN EN 13445-3
  • Investigations for Material Selection, Insulation, Centering, Bolted Joints
  • Stiffness Calculation (Harmonic Response for entire Engine Casing) for Rotor Dynamics
  • Preparation of Review-Documentation for the Casting release
  • Participation on Reviews and pro-active Support in Resolving of Review Action Items
  • Tools: Ansys, Project Duration ~1 year